The Church Hall

This is situated to the east of the church beyond the Calvary garden. The first hall opened in 1965 but by 1987 it was clear that, in spite of an extension in 1982, it was failing to meet the needs of the church, the community and in particular the Junior Church (Sunday School).

In 1989 Weston Williamson were appointed architects and asked to design a single-storey extension to the existing hall, which would provide a number of small meeting rooms, a church office, and an enlarged kitchen, plus toilet and storage facilities. Building began in 1993 and the extension was formally opened by the Bishop of London on 16 July 1994.

The visitor can see how well Weston Williamson met their brief. The clearly modern design ‒ in steel, glass and timber ‒ enhances the medieval church with an air of non-competitive companionship. Internally its large centrally-placed kitchen with dual-entrance and dual-hatch is well suited to simultaneous events; so also is its gallery space providing access to toilets, storage and a modern church office. The gallery also provides independent access to three rooms, each of which has natural light from the south and direct access to the garden court via sliding doors. Two of the rooms can be split into four half-rooms by sliding folding screens. Their floor areas are uncluttered, the supporting structures being outside the rooms and appearing as columns in the garden court. Among other features the visitor may note are the gallery and foyer together, with the attractive top-lights that allow these areas to be used as event spaces in their own right.

In 1996 the church hall extension received the annual Royal Institute of British Architects’ London Regional Award 1995 for small buildings; as well as commendations from the Civic Trust and the Harrow Heritage Trust; a Civic Trust Award 1995/6 and the Harrow Trust Award 1996. 

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