Access for Disabled People

St John's has welcomed people with disabilities for many years.

The Church and hall both have sound amplification systems including the loop system. 

Wheelchair access is from Church Lane, through the lych gate and the south door.  The third row, nearest to the south door, has been designated for wheelchairs, and there is wheelchair access through the Lady Chapel for anyone wishing to have communion or to receive a blessing at the high altar.  Alternatively the clergy do administer communion in the body of the church to those who request it upon arrival at Church.  The Church possesses three wheelchairs.

Large print bulletins, special service sheets and Bible readings are always available for the visually impaired. 

A specific person has been nominated to assist any disabled person and any requests can be made upon arrival to a welcomer or in advance to the church office on 020 8866 2676.





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