Our Charity Policy

Each year, we give 6% of our income to a range of charities. This year, that will be £16,000. This is the money that we give as a community, over and above the individual gifts during the year for various appeals. Our church is a community and draws strength from acting as a community. Like any community, we need to think about our role on the world and not just be inward-looking. By doing so, we are strengthened by giving ourselves purpose and relevance.


The charities are carefully selected by the PCC. We balance between organisations that draw their funds mainly or exclusively from the Church, charities with a U.K. focus that operate near to us and charities with a wider, overseas focus that are efficient in their use of funds. We also ensure that the charities are balanced geographically and between young and old, medical and social and the Missions & Charities Committee carry out annual due diligence on the list.


Our selection of charities will be up for review next year, but are currently:



USPG 12.5%

Christian Aid 12.5%


UK Focus

Relate London North West 5%

Samaritans Harrow 5%

Age UK Harrow 5%

St Luke’s Hospice 5%

Harrow Bereavement 5%

Harrow Gateway 5%

Welldon Activity Group, Harrow 5%

Shooting Start Hospice 5%


Overseas Focus

Water Aid 7%

Kwendo Kor 7%

Hope and Homes for Children 7%

Bible Society 7%

Mildmay 7%

Website : beachshore