Peals and Quarter Peals

Occasionally other groups of ringers visit the Pinner Tower to ring peals and quarter peals. A peal includes at least 5040 changes and takes around three hours to ring. A quarter peal includes at least 1260 changes and takes about 45 minutes.

The following is an article printed in the Ringing World. This is the story of how the current band of ringers originated.

Peal rung in appreciation of Don Knights and Ken Sanders
An Article for Ringing World by Richard Knights and Robert Sanders

In 1960 Rev Eric Barnes the then vicar of Pinner Parish Church, Middlesex placed an article in his local paper, the Harrow Observer, seeking someone to teach his parishioners to ring.  He had a disagreement with the then local ringers some years earlier.  Don Knights who was newly arrived in the Harrow area from Cambridge was passed the article by his sister-in-law.

After an interview with the vicar Don set about the task of teaching a new band in autumn 1960.  This was no mean feat, Pinner is an 18 cwt old style 8 and at the time was a ground floor ring.  Don started with about 20 recruits made up of all ages, but mainly teenagers still at school.  They progressed on tied bells through the winter and first rung the bells open for Easter Sunday 1961.

Ken Sanders and his son Bob were in this first group taught, as was Don’s wife Mary.  Don asked Ken if he would become Tower Captain with the responsibility for the care of the bells; and this developed in a partnership with Don as Ringing Master, responsible for ringing and Ken for administration and maintenance.

Don remained at Pinner until his health prevented him from accessing the ringing chamber in 1994 and Ken continued until 2000 when he moved to be nearer to his family.

Ken died in 2007 and Don in 2008; their sons Bob and Richard decided it would be appropriate to ring a peal to celebrate their dedication to ringing at Pinner.  This was enthusiastically supported by the local band many of whom knew Don and Ken and who appreciate what they provided to the band over more than thirty years.

Richard Knights assembled a band including several ringers who had known and rung with Don and Ken with the aim to ring a new Delight method in their honour.

A good peal was rung and Bob Sanders, Richard Knights and their families would like to thank the current Pinner band for their support and encouragement.

Middx CA & London DG

PINNER, Middx                                                                     
St John the Baptist
Sat Feb 21 2009 2h55 (18)
5056 Pinner Delight Major
Comp. A G Reading
1 Matthew H Knights
2 Richard F Knights
3 Robert A Partridge
4 Frank T Blagrove
5 Robert W Sanders
6 L Roy Woodruff
7 Simon J Reading
8 Alan G Reading (C)

First peal in the method: 34x34.18x12x1236x34x1458x16x58 b

Rung in memory of Donald ER Knights and Kenneth B Sanders and in appreciation of their dedication and service to ringing at Pinner for over thirty years; Don as Ringing Master and Ken as Tower Captain.


Recently Pinner has hosted a band ringing a successful peal of Middlesex Bob Triples (13th September 2015) and also a quarter peal of Stedman Triples (7th October 2015).


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