Health and Safety Policy Statement

St John the Baptist Parish Church, Pinner

(Revised March 2009)

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is the employer within the terms of the Health and Safety at Work (etc) Act 1974 (HSWA).

The PCC is committed to ensuring the safety of employees and of people who are not its employees but who may be affected by the manner in which the church conducts its undertaking, as required by the HSWA. Non-employees will include (but not be restricted to) contractors, users and visitors to the church and church hall and grounds, and participants in church activities of all kinds.

The PCC will meet this commitment by ensuring that: 

-   responsibilities and accountabilities are clearly defined
-   people are competent and briefed to discharge their responsibilities 
-   sufficient financial and other resources are available 
-   each significant workplace and work activity of employees is subject to risk assessment and principal precautions are defined and implemented 
-   each significant church activity is subject to risk assessment and principal precautions are defined and implemented
-   workplaces and activities are monitored periodically
-   accidents, incidents and near misses are investigated, recorded and reported as necessary to the enforcing authority
-   the health and safety policy, risk assessments and precautions are reviewed periodically.

Details of the arrangements for discharging this policy are set out in the document “St John the Baptist parish church, Pinner. Health and Safety management arrangements”, available from the parish office and on the website Copies of risk assessments are also available from the office.


Vicar:  Revd Paul Hullyer

Churchwardens:  Shane Godbolt, David Poole

Date: 27 April 2009

Website : beachshore