Health and Safety and Security Arrangements

for concerts and non-church major events in church.

1   The Vicar/Churchwarden or representative will brief the event organiser in advance.

2   If the organiser is not familiar with the church layout, the Vicar/Churchwarden or representative will meet the organiser at church and ensure that the organiser knows where emergency doors, keys, fire extinguishers etc are situated.

  Fire/emergency arrangements

No highly flammable materials are permitted.
All exit doors must to be kept unlocked (south porch, west porch, Lady Chapel and choir vestry). The key for the Lady Chapel door is in the extreme right hand choir cupboard on the long wall next to the door to the clergy vestry.
Aisles and exit routes must to be kept clear (see below for seating plans).
The Organiser must be aware of positions of fire extinguishers.
The Telephone in the store room off the choir vestry may be used to call emergency services.

Instructions must be announced at the start of each event (see below for crowd management)

4   Seating layout and crowd management/evacuation

The church has normal front facing seating capacity of 208 - please see the normal seating plan Issue 5 dated 17 February 2016.  If the organiser wishes to exceed this for a front facing event, seating must be in accordance with the front facing layout Issue 3 dated 17 February 2016. For events in the round, the in-the-round layout Version 6 dated 17 February 2016 must be used. For any other seating arrangement, prior permission from the Vicar/Churchwarden must be obtained.

The organiser should allocate stewards to go directly to each door in an emergency, to ensure that the door is opened. Stewards should stay by each door until the church is evacuated.

The organiser should arrange for one person to be responsible for taking overall control in an emergency. That person should move to the front of the Nave in an emergency and instruct people to remain seated until directed to move (thus giving stewards time to get to exit doors).

People should to be requested to assemble by the War memorial in the High Street (thus keeping church paths clear),

5    Lighting

The Vicar/Churchwarden or representative will brief the organiser about controls and available settings..

   First Aid/illness

The first aid box is in on the window ledge in the store room off  the choir vestry

All accidents must be recorded in the accident book located next to the first aid box.

7     Heating

The Vicar/Churchwarden/representative will confirm heating requirements with the event organiser. In winter it is likely that the heating will need to be set to “continuous” some time earlier on the day of the event to ensure a comfortable temperature. This can be done via the control unit in the clergy vestry or by using the override switch in the choir vestry, to the right of the clergy vestry door. The Vicar/Churchwarden/representative will make the necessary arrangements.

8      At the end of the event

The organiser must ensure that: the heating is returned to the normal setting (if the override is used, this simply means adjusting the position of the operating key); seating is returned to the positions as on the normal seating plan (as paragraph 4 above); lighting is off; all doors are locked.


Issue 4
17 February 2016


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