Schools Work

We have several links with local schools including: Reddiford School, West Lodge Primary School, Ruislip Gardens Primary School and Bishop Ramsey School.

We work closely with Re:Generation Harrow who are a Christian Schools Work Trust working with Children and Young People in Primary, Secondary and Sixth Forms across the Borough of Harrow. We are part of a team that take assemblies, R.E. and P.S.H.E. lessons as well as running a variety of other projects including It's Your Move, a Scripture Union workshop for Year 6 children focusing on the transition from Primary to Secondary School. 


Christmas Roadshow 2012During term time, we regularly take assemblies in local Primary and Secondary Schools. We are also part of a team made up of Youth and Children's Workers from across the borough who take a Christmas and Easter Roadshow into more than ten Primary Schools across Harrow.

Lunch Clubs

We run a Lunch Club at Bishop Ramsey School where children are encouraged to come and hang out with us and chat about what they are up to at school and confide in us if there is anything worrying them. As well as being able to chat to us we hold some (often very competitive) games of Uno Spin and Uno Extreme. 

Prayer Labyrinth

Labyrinth is an interactive installation for spritual journeys. Labyrinth reshapes a 12th-century ritual for the 21st century. Its maze-like path takes you on a symbolic journey, creates space to unwind and think - in particular about our relationships with ourselves, one another, our planet and God. Labyrinths were a feature of many medieval cathedrals but unlike a maze they have only one path - there are no dead ends. People walk the labyrinth slowly, as an aid to contemplative prayer and reflection, as a spiritual exerciPrayer Labryth 1se, or as a form of pilgrimage.

The path has three stages - the 'inward' journey, the centre and the 'outward' journey. The theme of the 'inward' journey is letting go of things which hinder our wholeness and inner approach to God. The centre of the Labyrinth is a space of meditative prayer and peace. The theme of the 'outward' journey is relationship - with ourselves, with others and with the planet - seen in the light of our relationship with God.

The Prayer Labyrinth is set up in schools for a week for pupils and staff to walk in their own time and at their own pace.

It's Your Move
IYM Remember your first day at secondary school?
What’s your first memory of that day?
The towering Year-11s? The hundreds of people all round the place? The new teachers? The new buildings? Wondering how you’d find out where the toilet was?
Whether you were a confident or a scared 11-year-old, chances are that you were at least a bit apprehensive about starting this new phase of your life.
Research conducted by Scripture Union confirmed that the big change from primary to secondary school can be really stressful, as children come to terms with being the small fish in a much bigger pond.
Our Youth Minister (along with other children and youth workers from across the Harrow Borough) run the Scripture Union workshop It’s Your Move. The one hour workshop is designed to help primary schools children in Year 6 as they prepare for their move to secondary school. The workshop is packed with games, discussion, drama and a question and answer session. Each child who attend the workshop also receives an It's Your Move book to keep.
If you are interested in running a workshop in your school please contact Youth Minister Elise Allanson by clicking here




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