Meet Lisa


Hi, I'm Lisa Sheldrick, 17 years old and currently in my first year of A-levels at Royal Masonic School in Rickmansworth. My A-level options are maths, economics, history and geography and the aim is study law at university.

I sing in various choirs at school and have regular flute lessons and play in the school orchestra, I am currently working for Grade 5 with the intention of taking the exam in the summer. I also sing in the church choir and have been since I was 6 years old, gaining second to none musical experience, friendship and confidence. I have had the opportunity to complete RSCM singing awards; Deans and Bishops awards and I am now working towards my Gold Award hoping to take the exam in November.

I live at home in Pinner with my Mum, Dad and brother. My brother is currently studying Fine Art at university. I have been a member of SNIP for many years and for the past two years I have helped with Holiday Club both as a helper and a techie.

2012 has been a busy year, finally completing my GCSE's and being a Young Gamesmaker at London 2012 Olympics were my highlights! My main role as a Gamesmaker was a 'floor technician' for Handball, this may sounds rather vague but maybe 'sweat sweeper' will help explain my role further? Handball is a dynamic and fast game which causes the players to perspire a great deal and my job, along with my 3 team mates was to run full speed into the court in the middle of the game, once being called on my the umpire, and use a mop to wipe up the sweat. Sounds very glamorous I know! Thanks to the Olympics I have been inspired to play handball. I now play for Ruislip Eagles Handball Club; I play on the left wing which means I do a lot of running and impressive shots on goal whilst jumping high into the air. I have also completed training courses with GB handball players namely John Pearce and Dan McMillan.

Being asked to be a Young Leader is such a privilege and I am really looking forward to exploring this role and seeing what I can offer. I am enthusiastic about getting involved in all the aspects of the youth activity at the church such as leading children in games sessions and craft. I would say I am quite technically minded (although Howard and Jonty may disagree) so during my time as Young Leader I am looking forward to getting more involved with that. Also, I am excited to be working with the other Young Leader, Catherine Almond as I feel we will work very well together to give our best to the church.

Thank you and I look forward to working on new exciting projects concerning the youth of the church.



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