Meet Jonty

Jonty pictureHello everyone in the parish. I am your new Young Leader, lucky you, only joking. I was born on the 4th June 1995, what a day I remember it well… sort of…

I have been going to this fantastic church since 21st January 2003, very precise I know but that's how I roll. During all of the time at this church I have been part of the splendid choir, yes you know what that means, under the watchful eye of Michael Turvey. I currently sing as a Bass, so you can normally spot me with all the other Basses on the lectern side of the church. During this time I have rarely missed a Sunday that the choir has been required. The main change that I have noticed during my time at church is the change of Vicar in the Parish. It went from Simon Pothen to Paul Hullyer, to me that's a big change.

I am currently 16 years old and attend Watford Grammar School For Boys. This therefore means that I am in year 12 (Lower Sixth). Being in Year 12 I am doing 4 AS levels and they are: History, Politics, English Literature and Philosophy and Ethics. Next Year when I do my A levels I want to carry on doing 4 subjects. I quite enjoy going to school, I know what you are thinking “what, a teenage boy that enjoys going to school?” yes indeed I did say that. This is mainly because I enjoy all of my subjects because for the first time in my school career I have been able to choose all the subjects I do, so this means that I have done what I enjoy.

In my family I have a Mum and a Dad, who live in Hatch End together with me. I also have a Sister who is currently at York St. John University and she sings in the choir whenever she is at home. My Grandmother and Grandfather on my Mums side both live in Edgware and we try to see them whenever we can. My Grandmother on my Dads side lives in Chesterfield and my Grandfather passed away before I was even born.

I do a lot of things outside of school and church, somehow… I am and have been for nearly 10 years a season ticket holder, at my number one love, the mighty hornets, Watford F.C. I go to all of the home games and have done since 2002. I also coach Pinnstars Under 8’s B team on Saturdays and Sundays. I have only been doing this for about a month so I am quite new at the club. I do this because in October last year I got my F.A. Level 1 coaching badge and this has put me on the coaching ladder, and currently in this time of managerial crisis with England I am awaiting the phone call from the F.A. to take the role as England manager! I also do a bit of work for AB Lighting, a lighting company that Howard Lush got me involved in last year and I have been involved with it ever since. Sometimes you can find me with Howard in the hall doing something or other with the lights or sound, this normally happens around Christmas and summer. I do have other interests other than football, you don't believe me do you? I will try and convince you as much as I can! I do like watching movies and going to the Cinema with mates. I have two answers to the question of ‘what’s my favourite film?’- there is the honest answer which is Toy Story and there is the answer that keeps the street cred up and that's the Godfather, but really all you need to know is that I am a fan of films. I do like to watch the T.V. My favourite programme is The Football League show because I get to watch my beloved Watford F.C. on the T.V. (that doesn't help the situation on trying not to show you that my only real hobby and interest is football).

What are my aims with this role as Young Leader? They are: to get more involved in the Youth activities at the church on the whole and possibly start to lead some of them (if Elise is brave enough to let me). I would like to also get more involved in the technological side of Holiday Club. I’ve got lots of ideas for the Youth section of the website and I’m looking forward to updating and improving it so watch this space!

I can’t wait to get fully involved in the job that I have been entrusted in.


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