Interested in joining the Choir?

There are vacancies for boy and girl TREBLES within the choir!

Are you aged between 7 and 11? Do you enjoy making a noise? We would be glad to meet you to see whether you would enjoy being a member of our choir.


You would...

  • Free and fun music training
  • Learn to read music
  • Learn to sing choral pieces
  • Holidays to sing in cathedrals across the UK
  • Perform in concerts
  • Take part in professional recordings
  • The chance to work towards nationally recognised awards
  • Opportunity to gain university choral scholarships (as many of our teenagers recently have)
  • Extra pocket money
  • Social events


For the parents...

  • We are very proud of the achievements of our youngsters over the years. Some have taken part in the finals of the competitions mentioned above, and many have gained choral scholarships as entrance to universities.
  • A main benefit to your son or daughter is that they will experience a high standard of musical education and enjoy singing at a range of places (like St. Paul's Cathedral and others) without having to attend a special music or choir school... and they will be paid for the privilege!!
  • All this is part of the heritage of the Church of England which our beautiful building has represented for nearly 700 years - do come along and find out.
  • Problems with transport? Don't panic! Other parents often help share lifts.


Heavy commitment?

No, not as great as you might think...

  • There is one regular rehearsal on Tuesday (6:30pm - 7:30pm) with a "top up" at 10:15am before our Sunday morning service at 11am.
  • Occasional evening services for the more experienced.
  • There are tests, like for Cubs and Brownies, and pay rises as you progress!


Vacancies for adult voices...

You may still be able to make a contribution to the choir as an alto, tenor or bass. There is informal 'help' on Tuesday for those wishing they could sing a lower part.



For more information, please get in touch


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