Holiday Club - Monsters Stink!

20/07/2009 - 24/07/2009

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Church during a service



Wow! It never ceases to amaze me how quickly Holiday Club week flies by. Having started receiving emails from parents wanting places at Christmas, it seems odd that it's all over now. Following the success of last year's club (Junior Heroes), this year's club was Monsters Stink! We spent the week exploring the Christian faith through 'monsters' we sometimes face in our everyday lives. We looked at Adam and Eve being tricked into disobeying God by the serpent; Joseph being bullied by his brothers;
Gertrude the lost sheep and Jesus being frightened in the Garden of Gethsemane.
Each morning we surfed to Monster Beach, did a Mr Motivator style workout, played lots of messy games (many involving some revolting food), danced fantastically (some of us in a chicken costume), made some spectacular crafts and watched clips from the Disney Pixar film Monsters Inc. This year Robyn Wilson made her debut at Holiday Club and ran puppet workshops with each of the age groups. The 9–10s group made rod arm puppets, the 6–8s made pop-up puppets and the 4–5s made shadow puppets.
On Friday we had a huge Monster Party to celebrate our brilliant week. As a special surprise the cast of High School Musical (strangely resembling a rag tag group of leaders and helpers) performed a dance choreographed by Emma Bowles, which went down very well with the children. Rumours that the cast are appearing on the next series of Britain's Got Talent have yet to be confirmed but watch this space as a video will appear on the church website. If you were in Pinner around midday you'd have seen one hundred children pour out of the church hall dressed in fantastic outfits and painted very odd colours! If you'd been in Pinner any later you'd have seen 30 plus leaders and helpers leaving dressed in fantastic outfits and painted very odd colours too!
On Sunday holiday club week was celebrated with a special Monster Service, followed by a yummy breakfast! I must take this opportunity to thank my fantastic team that worked tirelessly throughout the week to make it so brilliant. So, thank you to: Brenda Allanson, Catherine Almond, Diana and Emma Bowles, Maureen and Lauren Craddock, Matt and Beth Gandy, Rachel and Peter Hedderick, Richard Hillman, Francesca Hopkins, Father Paul and Thomas Hullyer, Jane Humphris, Chris and Anita Lomax, Rory McCabe, Rebecca Maggs, Katherine Makris, Elizabeth Metivier, Lucy Pinching, Jacqui Richardson, Nick Ridge, Ben Schrodel, Emily Stokes, Natasha andJamie Wait, Becca White. Another thank you goes to Heather Brassey who not only co-ordinated her team who made us lunch every day, but also baked (and iced!) 140 fairy cakes on Thursday night for Friday's party. Thank you to Margaret Birkinshaw, Ann Fuller, Dorothy Nattrass and Jill Stokes who prepared refreshments for all the children each day and to everyone who cut out, sharpened, collected, dropped off or picked up something for me in the lead up to the week. A big thank you to theridiculously talented Michael Betts, Beth Stobbart and Ollie Yank who joined me on stage each day, threw pies and water at me but in return put their hands in “sick,” had cold baked beans and yoghurt thrown at them and made the children laugh. May I also take this opportunity to thank Father Paul for all his support of holiday club and to let people know that he is the first vicar to be a holiday club group leader (a big undertaking) as well as helping throughout the set up weekend. My final thank you is to Howard Lush who was with me from set up at midday on Friday 17 July to the take down on Sunday 24 July and not only took on a group, but made all the technical things happen too!
This year saw a record number of children in attendance and spaces were filled up quicker than ever. It brings together a huge number of people from different generations, with an age range spanning more than 50 years. Thank you for taking time off from your jobs, time out from your school holidays, caring for all the children, cutting holidays short, sharing your vast array of hidden skills and talents and supporting me throughout the club. The week has been exhausting but fantastic fun and a huge success thanks to all the support the church gives to it. But your support is still needed, maybe now more than ever, as Holiday Club is only going to get bigger and better! 

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