Holiday Club - Junior Heroes

28/07/2008, 10:00 - 01/08/2008, 10:00

in church hall

Church during a service

During the summer the church hall was transformed into superhero training camp for a week of singing, dancing, bible stories, games, craft and partying as our Junior Heroes holiday club took place. During the week over 80 children and 30 helpers were put through their paces training to become Junior Heroes. We learned about five young people in the bible who all did something great. On day one we met Samuel, who had to give a really difficult message to Eli. On day two we met the boy who gave Jesus his lunch to feed five thousand people. On day three we learned about David, who was brave enough to stand up to (and defeat) Goliath. On day four we saw Naaman's wife's servant girl tell her master to obey God's instruction. Then finally on day five we met Josiah who was King at the tender age of eight. As well as learning about existing Junior Heroes in order to complete our training we made utility belts, shields, superhero masks, wooden spoon puppets and (a Junior Hero must-have) Superhero pants! Each day began by boarding a rocket and flying to Junior Hero training camp. My co-pilot James and I flew the rocket each morning which led to a few minor incidents and emergency landings but we made it...just! The messy games involving yoghurt (mainly all over faces than in tummies), eating a lot of doughnuts and dressing up in ridiculous outfits proved very popular as did the parachute games, the puppets Jack and Zack and the Incredibles DVD. On the Friday we celebrated becoming Junior Heroes with a Superheroes and Fairies party. Everyone who dressed up looked brilliant but special mention to leaders Richard Hillman, Beth Gandy, Julie Howes, Kate Weatherby and Matt Gandy who came as The Incredibles. There also seemed to be quite a few Supermen wandering around! The week's adventures came to an end with our special Holiday Club SPACE service on the Sunday. Here we talked about who our heroes are and what qualities we look for in a hero. So people of Pinner you may now leave your houses in the safe knowledge that there are over one hundred Junior Heroes protecting you from danger and spreading a great message! I would like to take this moment to thank my amazing team. Without their hard work and huge effort Holiday Club simply would not happen. The refreshments and lunch ladies, first aiders and my group leaders and helpers: Howard, Brenda, Elizabeth, Becca, Jonty, Rachel, Alex, Catherine, Janet, Ruby, Julie, Fiona, Rory, Jamie, Peter, Kate, Lucy, Diana, Emma, Beth, Matt, Morella, Lauren, Maureen, Richard, Millie, Emily, Michael, James, Oli, Jill, Emily, Nick, David, Keith, Heather, Ann, Linda, Mandy, Elizabeth, Valerie, and Liz. Thank you all and see you next year!
Now, I've told you a bit about Holiday Club here are some of our Junior Heroes favourite moments of the week:
“I enjoyed setting of in the rocket” Demi age 4
“I likes dressing up today, the film, dancing and the stories. I did not like staying for such a short time.” Megan age 6
“I enjoyed every day because it was fun and Richard, Millie, Emily and Michael were calm and helpful” Anon from Batman (age 9 – 10)
“My favourite thing about holiday club was when we had to stick our hands in sick and the puppets when they sat by the front door and sang good morning to me. Thank you” Thomas age 9
“Going on the stage!” Shamaya age 5
“When Elise got wet and the bucket of water poured over her!” Jessica age 5
“My favourite part of holiday club 2008 was having lots of fun and seeing how enthusiastic all the children were especially about learning stories from the Bible.” Julie Power Rangers leader.
“Things I like about Junior Heroes is EVERYTHING but especially eating doughnuts” Anon age 8  

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