Holiday Club - Into The Wild

26/07/2010 - 01/08/2010

in church hall

Church during a service

No sooner does one Holiday Club finish than the planning for the next one begins. As usual the emails began to arrive in my inbox around Christmas time, and when booking began in March many forms came through my letter box on the same day as they went out! This year's club ‘Into the Wild’ was a week exploring different animals of the Bible. However, this year was to be a club with a difference: it was going to be even bigger and even better!
The Summer Holiday Club at St John's has become very popular in Pinner, so much so that for the last two years we have been oversubscribed, so this year we decided to expand! A marquee went up in the front of the church hall to accommodate an extra group and on Monday morning 116 children poured through the Hall doors! However to get there they had to look out for the monkeys overhead, avoid the crocodile swamp and skip across the zig zag zebra crossing.
After registering, children went to their different age groups. If you were 4 or 5 you would have found yourself in the Toe Tapping Tigers, The Roly Poly Bears or The Little Laughing Lions. The 6 to 8s were Zig Zag Zebras, Mango Munching Monkeys, Hip Hop Hippos and Tip Top Toucans, and the 9 to 10s were Crafty Crocodiles. The Crafty Crocodiles had a longer journey to their group marquee through a jungle swamp tunnel down the side of the church hall! Each morning we flew to Madagascar and then parachuted out of the plane to land in the jungle. We did our wild warm up to Madagascar's “I Like to Move it, Move it,” played lots of messy games, danced to Lion King and George of the Jungle, sang great songs, made some spectacular crafts and puppets and watched clips from the Dreamworks film Madagascar.
This year our resident puppet expert Robyn Wilson was back to run animal puppet workshops with each of the age groups. Also this year Lucy Taylor made her debut at Holiday Club making African Lion masks with all of the 6 to 8s groups. Each day, after arriving on the island we looked in the tent to find some clues to the story for the day. I was joined on stage this year by Howard Lush who was making his return to the upfront team since the first ever Holiday Club, Going Bananas! On Monday we found a crown, a lion mask, sunglasses and caps which could only mean one story: Daniel and the Lion's Den. And if you're sitting at home wondering where in the Bible the sunglasses and caps are featured, they were obviously for the Daniel and the Lion's Den rap! Tuesday told the story of Jonah and the Whale with the help of a blow up whale, a map, a boat and a couple of buckets of sick – to throw over Howard who took on the role of Jonah. On Wednesday Howard overslept and missed the flight to Madagascar, so had to find another mode of transport. So he rode a donkey (there wasn't much traffic) and we told the story of the donkey on Palm Sunday. On Thursday we found an umbrella and a DVD and realised it must be the story of Noah's Ark. The DVD was of a Big Brother style Ark with different animals, namely a posh giraffe, two monkeys that were having “a well good time” a Welsh Elephant and a Tiger who'd found the experience “life changing” and “didn't want the journey to end” (until the rain stopped that is!) telling us how they were coping in the ark. And to demonstrate how much rain there was (because apparently we couldn't just imagine it!) Howard proceeded to soak the Youth Minister. As well as our usual energetic games we also had some Bush Tucker Trials this year which included eating bugs, having to retrieve letters from buckets of sick and using only teeth to remove things from elephant poo! On the Wednesday parents were invited to join us in the hall garden for The Big Picnic. This gave us a chance to chat to parents and spend more time with the children. It was a huge success with more than half the children in attendance with their parents and luckily we were blessed with brilliant sunshine. 

On Friday we had a huge Animal Party to celebrate our brilliant week. Having had the cast of High School Musical perform last year the pressure was on to deliver a spectacular Leaders' and Helpers' dance choreographed by Emma Bowles. We did not disappoint when we performed an animalistic interpretation of Michael Jackson's Thriller with Brenda Allanson making her debut in a leaders' dance! As always the parents excelled themselves with some fabulous animal costumes and picking one winner from each group was very difficult!

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