Confirmation and First Communion

We run confirmation classes and first communion preparation every year. These are designed to lead young people in their faith, in making decisions, and understanding their own spirituality.

Communion is a very special way of remembering. In communion, we remember the last supper; how Christ shared a meal with his close friends in the knowledge that he would soon be betrayed and denied by those he loved. We remember the symbolism that Christ brought to the table; his body in the broken bread and his blood in the wine poured out. And we remember that each person ate and drank together; a shared meal. It is for these reasons that Christians throughout the ages have held onto these symbols of the bread and wineConfirmation 3 and incorporated them into their worship. It is a vital, life-giving act of worship in the Church.

Communion is the one ceremony and sacrament that unifies the Christian community and strengthens the whole body. Perhaps, it is for this reason that we like to make a fuss about one’s first communion. First communion is associated possibly more with the Roman Catholic tradition, but is a strong and growing Anglican practice also. Taking one’s first communion is a second opportunity (baptism being the first) for Christians of all ages to be welcomed into the church community. It is an important time for children and adults alike to consider their faith and, in particular, their faith in Christ; his sacrifice and salvation.Confirmation 2



If you or your child would like to take first communion, or be confirmed, or would just like more information, please get in touch:

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