Mission Action Plan

This Mission Action Paln sets out our priorities for action over the coming years.  We have put it together after extensive consultation with members of the congregations of all our services, and also involving members of the local community.  We had more than a hundred responses to our questionnaires, and then 85 people came to a meeting to help us turn suggestions into concrete proposals.

We hope you recognise some of your own recommendations and ideas in this Plan.  We also hope very much that you will be willing to get involved in turning it into reality.  If you feel strongly about any of these proposals, you are exactly the sort of person we need to help.  It won’t happen unless people really get on board.

Of course we are a busy Parish, and these won’t be the only things we do over the coming years.  We need to do some more work inside our church building, and replace the lighting.  But these are the priorities we are agreed on, and these are the things we shall be accountable to the PCC on. 

Thank you very much for your involvement up to now.  It has been a very exciting process.  But of course, writing the Plan is nothing unless we can deliver on it.  Please continue to keep it in your prayers, and if you can find something you’d like to be involved with, either come to the Jobs Fair on 1 February, or contact me direct.  I’d love to hear from you.

 Rev’d Kate Blake

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